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With more than 35 years experience in the world of commercial real estate, Omni Investor Funding has the the loans and knowledge to help you get your deal done. We will discuss every aspect of not only funding your deal, but how to find the best deals in any part of the country, how to preform due diligence, how to structure your deal with your partners, how to best manage your acquisition, how to stabilize your property for maximum profitability, and how to position your deal to sell it for top dollar!




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It’s amazing what doors open when you have the cash!

We can advise how our clients are using small amounts of cash to leverage into large real estate deals.

Get access to cash with our personal term loan program from 6%.

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What Our Customers Have To Say...

"We were not able to find gap funding to complete the construction of our fix and flip until I contacted Steve Pasquini at Omni Investor Funding. They were great to work with and followed through completely with getting our funds to us in a timely manner. Wow, what a relief."
G. Hodges
"Steve Pasquini has made my real estate investments SO much easier! I first started working with Steve when I needed four of my rental properties refinanced and was in a bind finding lenders after covid with decent rates. He was able to beat any rates around. He was more knowledgeable and helpful than any other lender I have worked with. Since then Steve has been able to provide seamless funding on multiple properties, land acquisitions and construction loans for commercial projects. His knowledge, communication and willingness to help is astonishing and I look forward to continuing to build my real estate portfolio with Steve Pasquini and Omni Funding."
Attorney At Law
"I've had the honor of working with Steve for several years in the coaching/mentoring space and then directly on a multifamily acquisition. He is incredibly generous with his knowledge and experience and resources to anyone seeking to be in real estate. He's experienced in so many facets of real estate from ground up development, multifamily syndications, arranging debt, raising SEC compliant capital, stabilizing and repositioning properties for maximum resale, and a commercial mortgage lender. Plus, he's fun as all heck to be around! "
Kim K
CA Apartment Investor
"Hi Steve – I wanted to take a moment to let you and everyone else at Omni Funding know how much we appreciate your help with the 25 single family home portfolio REFI that we just completed. We got a terrific interest rate that will save us nearly $10K a month over what we were paying! The communication with you and the rest of the team was excellent throughout the entire process. Whenever we had questions or concerns, they were addressed quickly. I wish we had done this years ago! And we look forward to more financing from Omni for future properties."
S. Arnold
"Steve has been a great business partner and reliable resource for me through the years. He is a true expert in Capital Investments, Mortgage Lending and Real Estate."
Tony H.
TX Rehabber and Investor
"If you need non-traditional money for investment properties or any project. call Steve. He will give you the straight answer."
Jerry H.
"Steve is a great guy and the expert in funding challenging real estate projects. He is reliable and has the highest integrity. He also will tell you when you should not do a deal even though it costs him. I would highly recommend using Steve's services for all your real estate financing."
Bruce A.

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